Oral Turinabol Steroid Profile

Oral-turinabol (also known as turinabol, turanabol, tbol, turinaver or 4-clorodehidrometiltestosterone) is an oral steroid, which was developed by “Yenafarm” in the early 60-ies and appeared on the GDR market. It’s worth nothing that this drug was doping agent number one in the GDR. It had the same popularity in the training of GDR athletes like Dianabol in the training of Soviet athletes.Oral Turinabol is considered the most studied anabolic steroid drug, because it was tested on almost 10 000 German athletes while it had appeared on the market.

Unfortunately, the drug was taken out of production and from the market quite a long time, but now is being revived to life…

Turanabol Application

The main range of application of Turinabol was athletics, especially it was wide used by swimmers from Steroidsonline.org. In the men’s bodybuilding Turanabol had not found wide application in due time and was used only on the precompetitive phase, in particular, if the competition presupposes doping control. Now everything has changed and perhaps Tbol is the number one in the U.S. market…

Chemical structure of its molecule rather resembles Dianabol, and the effects of these drugs are similar too. However, unlike Dianabol, Turinabol application leads to a somewhat less dramatic increase in weight due to the fact that it does not cause water retention. At the same time, muscle mass growth may be considered as high-quality, because it is not going away after cycle ending. Except the fact that Turinabol leaves the body quickly, it has two other advantages. First, it effectively raises power rates despite the fact that many experts claim otherwise. And another positive feature is that Oral Turanabol gives the muscles hardness, because it does not lead to significant water retention.

In addition, at one time Turanabol was nicknamed «sex drug» because it leads to a pronounced and rather rapid increase libido in men.

Turinabol Side Effects

Despite the fact that Tbol is considered as soft anabolic steroid, it suppresses the natural body’s testosterone production, but not very much. It is 17-α-alkylated drug, which makes it potentially dangerous to the liver. However, in practice, if it is not used for a very long time (up to 8-10 weeks to a number) Turinabol does not damage the liver as much as other oral drugs. Most Turanabol side effects may be avoided by using anti-estrogens during the cycle.

Turanabol Dosage

In athletics it was adopted the following formula for calculating the daily dose: weight in pounds / 8-10. That means that the 170-pound athlete should take 20-25mg daily. For bodybuilders Turanabol dosage, it is not clearly enough. You should always consider this before looking for steroids pills for sale.

Athletes, whose weight is about 100 kg, take daily at least 50 mg. 50-75 mg per day be considered the optimum recommended dosage of Turinabol for male bodybuilding.

Turanabol cycle and combination with other drugs

The greatest effect Turinabol shows on the precompetitive phase, thus it makes sense to combine it with taking Trenbolone, Stanozolol or Oxandrolone. Also combination with Testosterone Propionate helps to obtain good results in cutting cycle, which is wide used by a lot of “advanced” athletes. The combination of Tbol and Oxandrolone is weak and recommended only for women. Moreover Turinabol is popular in bulking cycles in various combinations with Testosterone and Nandrolone instead of Dianabol and it is recommended for those athletes who want to achieve quality muscles, but not just “watery” mass.

Turanabol effects on women

Turinabol may be considered safe enough for women in moderate doses (20-30 mg daily). It does not cause virilization, if it is taken for not very long period of time (4-5 weeks). If you are interested, here are the best legal anabolic steroids to gain muscle fast at legal-steroids.org. Just visit the link to get the best products in 2017.

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